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At Paramount Equipment Services, we use our years of experience to get results. With experience comes the skills we need to maintain our highest standards and satisfy our clientele.

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Paramount Equipment Services provides excavation services across Saskatchewan. We're locally owned and operated, and our experience with local clientele gives us a unique edge that helps you.

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Paramount Equipment Services knows having the right equipment is essential to maintaining high standards. We ensure our equipment is suited to the task and in excellent condition before we agree to the job. That means no excuses, just results.

Paramount changes equipment frequently to keep up with the best trends and techniques. Our goal is efficiency and quality; our equipment has to meet these standards to be part of our fleet.


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Site Preparation

We use large scale equipment to scrape and prep a worksite to your specification with precise attention to grade, drainage, the surrounding environment and more to ensure we end up with a site that gives you a good start.

  • Site preparation and development
  • Landfills and pond construction
  • Aggregate foundations
  • Snow removal

Water Management

Rain accumulation and underground water intrusion into a construction site or other infrastructure causes delays and costly damage. Paramount provides experienced dewatering services that solves water issues in the long term.

  • Industrial site pumping and piping
  • Bulk water transfer
  • Specialty Filtration Systems
  • Water removal from saturated soils


Building and maintaining roads in our tough Saskatchewan climate requires professionalism, expertise and skill. We focus on the right combination of grade, culvert placement, materials and prep work to withstand our Saskatchewan climate.

  • Road building
  • Road repair
  • Grading & Gravelling
  • Culvert Replacement

Civil Construction

Industrial, commercial and residential grade construction for new developments. Start with the right foundation for your civil construction project.

  • Civil excavating and civil landscaping
  • Grade beams
  • Piles and auger work
  • Trenching


Looking for something specific? We're happy to help. Give us a call.