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At Paramount Equipment Services, we use our years of experience to get results. With experience comes the skills we need to maintain our highest standards and satisfy our clientele.

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Paramount Equipment Services provides excavation services across Saskatchewan. We're locally owned and operated, and our experience with local clientele gives us a unique edge that helps you.

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Our Equipment

Paramount Equipment Services knows having the right equipment is essential to maintaining high standards. We ensure our equipment is suited to the task and in excellent condition before we agree to the job. That means no excuses, just results.

Paramount changes equipment frequently to keep up with the best trends and techniques. Our goal is efficiency and quality; our equipment has to meet these standards to be part of our fleet.


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We know that communication, teamwork and cooperation means efficient, safe and productive worksites. Paramount's company culture promotes continuous interaction between our team and yours, from the day we arrive on the job to the day we are done.


We take the time to learn what you need and the best way to execute your vision right the first time. Bring us your project and we'll go through it, step by step, to put together the best work plan and equipment fleet for efficiency, productivity and value.


There's more to the job than the right equipment. We bring years of experience along with our fleet - that makes all the difference.


We make choices to ensure that everyone gets home safe every night. Part of our commitment to you is our commitment to keep our and your team safe.